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Thanks for your interest in Valley Pro Products. We now have hundreds of satisfied contractors using our Quickn’Clean liners.

Here’s what some of those contractors are saying about our product...

"Used them yesterday...wish I had them years ago. Saved lots of time and mess thanks again! Steve Shumway of Shumway Painting - Amherst, MA

"The bucket liners are great - at long last we can now use the Wooster roller buckets on a regular basis.  I love the buckets but we as a company have not used them much because of the difficulty of cleaning them out.  Now with the new liners, we just bought ~10 more roller buckets to use along with the others we had in our shop inventory collecting dust."
Rich O'Neil of Masterwork Painting & Restoration, Inc. - Bedford, MA

Our liners are Eco-Friendly, eliminating the need to flush gallons of paint laden water down the drain during each clean up and are receiving "High Marks" among University and Hospital maintenance staff.

Floor coating contractors are also using our liners as they can withstand most solvent based paints, eliminating the need for costly clean up.

Seeing Is Believing!... Thank you for taking the time to view our product demo

Available sizes will fit....  

Wooster® BIG BEN™ TRAY
Purdy® Dual Roll Off Bucket

Each pack contain 5 liners and is sold in case lots of 24. 
All four sizes can be combined to total 24 packs.

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